At Brown’s Hunting Ranch we manage and cultivate acres of sunflowers, corn and wheat spanning 5 counties to feed and nourish the outstanding native pheasant population we are blessed to have.

What’s New in 2022?

We have organized our hunts into 3 Options:  Preserve Pheasant, East River Pheasant and West River Wild Pheasant & Prairie Bird Hunts

Preserve Pheasant Hunt (3 roosters) $350-$500/day

  1.  Early Season Hunt – September 1 to third Saturday in October’s pheasant opener
  2. Mid-Season during the Wild Season – Price same as east river hunts – $1,100 per person per day all-inclusive
  3. Late Season Hunt – Mid-December to March 31
  4. Great for corporate groups up to 18 hunters for a group discount
  5. Unlimited number of roosters ($40/bird over 3)
  6. All-inclusive $500/day plus tax, license and gratuities for your guide and lodge staff

Day Hunt only – on our 1000 acre Preserve $350 plus tax, license and gratuities for your guide –  no lodging, meals, or bird cleaning provided

East River Pheasant Hunt – $1,100/day all-inclusive

  1. Third Saturday in October to January 31
  2. Moderate sized parcels of hunting land managed with food plots and cover crops for bird habitat
  3. Short travel to a variety of fields each day
  4. Mixture of wild and released birds may contribute to this type of hunt

$1,100 plus tax, license and gratuities for your guide and lodge staff

West River Pheasant & Prairie Bird Hunt – $1,200/day

  1. Wild Pheasants & Prairie Birds (Sharptailed Grouse, Prairie Chicken and Hungarian Partridge) = Bonus Birds
  2. Third Saturday in October to January 31
  3. Large parcels of natural hunting land  in sloughs, draws, crop edges and tree lines, surrounded by rotation crops. This hunt may be more difficult for the hunter/shooter/walker
  4. Distance of travel to the fields may be an hour plus
  5. Groups of 8 or more may be split into smaller groups
  6. We recommend 12 gauge and high base lead 4 and 5 shot pheasant load shells

$1,200 per person per day plus tax, license, and gratuities for your guide and lodge staff

South Dakota pheasant hunting can be demanding, however all our hunts are designed for your enjoyment, it is your day and your hunt.  Our guides and staff put your comfort and enjoyment first and foremost.

Non-hunters $250 per person per day.    $50 – extra cleaning necessary for dogs in mudrooms.

Brown’s Lodge on Lake Oahe in the middle of South Dakota

Our all-inclusive hunting package, each guest has their own room, or shared with their spouse, family member or friend.

luxury hunting cabin suite

  • delicious dining with evening socials and drink
  • lunch in the field
  • professional South Dakota pheasant hunting guides
  • pheasant hunting dogs
  • bird processing and packaging

All South Dakota Department Of Game, Fish and Parks regulations apply while hunting at Brown’s Hunting Ranch.